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The mission of the Chinese Flagship Center is to create global professionals who can function culturally and linguistically in the professional Chinese world.

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Flagship Students in 2017 Chinese Advanced Speech Competition

All of the students who placed in this year's Chinese Advanced Speech Competition were Flagship Students! Congratulations to Mark Lindsey, Alex Harper, and Dexter Murray! First and second place winners, Dexter and Alex, will travel to Washington D.C. at the end of April to compete in the national Chinese Bridge Speech Contest. Best of luck to our students!

JSTV Speech Competition (Finals)

After the semi-finals for the Nanjing round, Darrell Day (BYU) was the only one to proceed to the provincial-level competition finals. The finals were held
at the JSTV Broadcast Station Tower in Gulou District on 6/18 with the rehearsals running all day for June 17th.

Due to the limit in tickets available for the competition screening, Darrell only invited his two classmates Joseph Rizzo (ASU) and Jonathan Edwards (UO) to
attend and cheer him on in the finals. With over 20 participants from across the province and various universities, the candidates all gave speeches on topics
about their journey in Chinese or otherwise.

Darrell’s speech really wowed the judges however, and by the end of the competition, remained the highest-awarded participant, winning first place alongside a student from Rwanda. The article coverage can be read here:

Chinese Speech Competition (Nanjing Center)

The Nanjing Center hosted its own Speech Competition on 6/23, where students rallied to give speeches on their interests and topics that they found personally meaningful to them.

The winner of the competition of the evening, however, was Zayne Callahan (BYU) who spoke emotionally on his experience of being born into a Chinese family with a medical condition, and being told by doctors he would have no future. His speech then focused on how, as an adult, and being adopted by his parents, helped prove those doctor’s words wrong.

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