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Flagship Summer Programs


Many of the Flagship-approved overseas summer programs have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Please refer to each program's individual website for additional information and updates.

Students in the Chinese Language Flagship Program are encouraged to have at least one overseas experience before the required Flagship Overseas Capstone Program (OCP). Students may apply for admission to study at one of the Flagship-approved overseas summer programs. Each program offers special advantages for students at varying proficiency levels. Students should work with the director and Flagship staff from their home institutions to identify the best possible academic fit. Limited Flagship funding is available for these approved programs.

There are also Flagship-approved domestic summer programs that offer students language instructions. The list below consists of Flagship-approved overseas and domestic summer programs for which Flagship funding is allowed. There are many summer programs outside of this list which may interest you and you are certainly welcome to apply to and attend those. However, if they are not on this list, you will not be able to request Flagship summer program funding. Please click on each link below for details about that program. If you are a current BYU Flagship student, you may click here to fill out a Flagship summer funding request form.

Flagship Approved Summer Programs

Overseas Summer (maximum support $7000)

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Summer Programs Current Status Deadline Dates Estimated Cost
Taipei City, Taiwan CET-Taiwan Active March 1, 2024 May 22, 2024 - Aug 3, 2024 $9,990

Hsinchu City, Taiwan

National Tsinghua University, University of Hawaii Active March Jun-Aug (8 weeks) $7,884 (price does not include airfare, meals, & personal expenses)
New Taipei City, Taiwan National Chung Cheng University, University of Mississippi Active
Taipei, Taiwan Harvard Taipei Academy at NTU Active Jan Jun - Aug (8 weeks) $9,450

New Taipei City, Taiwan
Tamkang University, University of Mississippi Active Jan 18, 2024 June 17 - Aug 10 2024 Full Coverage
Tainan, Taiwan National Cheng Keng University, American Councils Active Feb 15, 2024 June 17 - August 9, 2024
(8 weeks)
Online Mandarin Training Center at National Normal University (IU, BYU) Active March 17 Jun 19 - Aug 11 $4,600
Taipei, Taiwan International Chinese Language Program (ICLP) Active
Jun - Aug (9 weeks)
Hsinchu, Taiwan National Yang‐Ming University, Hunter College Active

Domestic Summer

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Location Summer Programs Deadline Dates Estimated Cost
Indiana University: Flagship Chinese Institute University of Indiana (FCI) Feb 24, 2024 June 3 - July 25, 2024 $5,945
University of Rhode Island Chinese Flagship Summer Immersion Program Chinese Flagship Immersion Program 8 weeks $5,780
Middlebury Summer Programs URI Chinese Flagship Immersion Program November Jun - Aug (8 weeks) $14,420 with a $75 application fee

Summer Program Assessment

Students participating in the Flagship funded summer programs take the ACTFL reading and listening tests before and after program attendance. These tests help Flagship gauge the effectiveness of the programs and provide a recognized measure of language ability.