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Student and Alumni Spotlight

Bronson Taylor

Bronson Taylor is from Greenville, North Carolina. He is a senior at BYU studying Mandarin Chinese and Global Business with an emphasis in International Marketing. He started learning Mandarin during his mission in Taichung, Taiwan. Since he joined the Flagship Program, he has done market research on Chinese companies, economic trends, and upcoming industries in China. He has also participated in numerous marketing internships, ranging from social media marketing to content and digital marketing. He hopes that this program will be a steppingstone to a prestigious MBA program for him, as well as an outlet for deepening his learning and love for Chinese culture!

Bronson Taylor’s Reflection of his Flagship Experiences

While I am not having the experiences I expected in the Nanjing Capstone Program, I love all my native Chinese teachers and fellow students within the program. We come from diverse backgrounds and have had extremely different life experiences.

My favorite part of the Chinese Flagship Program was actually the domestic BYU program. I enjoyed the help of the tutors, teachers, and fellow Flagship students. They were a fantastic support system while I was at BYU. I felt that my Chinese training has exceed expectations and has made me a better person. At the end of the day, the Chinese Flagship program is what you make it to be and I feel like I have capitalized on my time here. I truly love Rita and Dr. Christensen for their administrative support throughout the years.

While I have not thoroughly enjoyed my Chinese Capstone experience due to it being remote, as well as some administrative flaws from American Councils, I have enjoyed my native teachers who are there to help me as best as they can. They are very understanding and flexible with the time difference.

All in all, my Flagship experience has been something I am proud of. It has not always been easy, but it has been an essential part of my undergraduate career and will hopefully help me get into a competitive MBA program.