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Student and Alumni Spotlight

Dunn Westhoff

Dunn Westhoff was our Flagship student during 2016 – 2018 and is currently a 2L (second-year student) at Harvard Law School and a to-be attorney. He is currently living in Cambridge, MA with his wife and son. Dunn hopes to practice law internationally (e.g., China, Singapore, Taiwan) and then get involved in local U.S. politics. He served a Mandarin-speaking mission in NYC and joined the Flagship Program to master Chinese, push his limits, and build his resume. The Flagship Program enabled him to vastly improve his Chinese and expand his professional repertoire.

What Dunn said about his Flagship experiences: "BYU Flagship is a masterfully structured, uniquely rigorous, and unforgettably rewarding academic program. The challenging courses and enriching Capstone experience synthesized my interests in physics and Chinese and molded me into a stand-out candidate for law school. I am convinced that Chinese Flagship is the predominant reason I was accepted into Harvard Law School. Regardless of the numerous post-graduation benefits, Flagship was the highlight of my undergraduate career."

A little more about Dunn:
What's your favorite food? Sushi
What's your favorite activity/hobby? Backpacking