What is Flagship?

What is Chinese Flagship?

The Brigham Young University Chinese Flagship Program is an intense and rewarding language program that correlates with your career goals. It can be broken into three phases:

  1. Campus study focused on a year abroad
  2. Direct enrollment at Nanjing University in China
  3. Internship in a Chinese institution in your related field of study
  4. Apply

How does Flagship work?

The BYU Chinese Flagship Program offers the advance track to lead to the culminating overseas capstone experience.

Advanced Track

The Advanced Track is designed for students with advanced Chinese language skills. It includes one year of domestic training at BYU. The Majority of applicants who enter this track go on to participate in the overseas capstone experience.More Info

Overseas Capstone

After finishing the Advanced Chinese Flagship track at BYU, students are placed at one of two universities in China. The placement programs are at Nanjing University or the Beijing Union University. The Capstone is a two-part experience involving:

  1. Direct enrollment at Nanjing University
  2. Internship in your chosen field in China
  3. More Info

At Nanjing University the Capstone is split by semesters. The first semester will consist of the direct enrollment at Nanjing. The second semester will consist of the internship in the student's chosen field.

At the Beijing Union University the Capstone consists of two semesters of direct enrollment classes and a part-time internship during the second semester.


Students accepted into the Chinese Flagship Program may be eligible for limited support for the overseas capstone program, overseas summer programs and domestic intensive language summer programs through the Chinese Flagship Center. Academic year Flagship funding is no longer available. Students are strongly encouraged to seek outside funding sources through private donors or scholarships to support their domestic and/or overseas component of the program. See links for various language scholarships.More Info