Outline of Overseas Program

Pre-departure Course

  • Name: IAS 396R (course catalog)
  • Location: Brigham Young University
  • Time: Winter semester, Block two
  • Logistical Support: International Study Programs (ISP) Office
  • Preparation Course Length: Six weeks, two hours weekly
  • Text: Ge Gao and Stella Ting-Toomey Communicating Effectively with the Chinese (ISBN 080397003X). Hu Wenzhou, Cornelius Grove, Zhuang Enping Encountering the Chinese Third Edition (ISBN 9781931930994)

In-Country Study Program

Location: Nanjing University Duration: Four and a half months (September–mid-January ) In-Country Orientation: In-country orientation period (two weeks prior to course): selection and training of tutors, direct enrollment course selection, housing selection, etc...
Formal Components:

  • Media, current events, culture (via news media, literature, social science topics) and special community lectures.
  • Advanced writing and composition (taught by local lecturers or contracted to Nanjing University overseas-education department)
  • Direct enrollment in Nanjing University course in students' specialization (two courses)
Informal Components:
  • Community practicum (service or part-time internship)
  • Peer content tutors
  • Small group meetings (cultural debriefing)
  • Special lectures from community members

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