Internships in China

How do Internships Work in China?


All Flagship internships will be arranged and coordinated by Chinese Flagship personnel. Placements are made in various locations around China depending on participant’s academic focus. Preference is given to internships within Chinese agencies or companies, rather than multinational or American companies.

Students should have a clear academic focus and have resumes (in Chinese and English) ready for internship placement.

Final placement is determined by the Internship Coordinator based on an effective alignment with the student’s academic focus and the company’s mission. Personal circumstances (spouse preference, family circumstances, etc.) should not be considered in internship placement.

Internship Compensation

Compensation for internships is at the discretion of the agency or company and is never a guarantee for Flagship students.

Additionally, compensation should not be the sole purpose for the students’ interest in that particular internship. The internship should align well with the students’ academic focus and should be the primary purpose for acceptance.

The Chinese Flagship Program works with agencies to provide suitable internships and while some offer compensation, others do not. Some Flagship funding support is provided to students during their overseas Chinese internship. However, students should plan accordingly for additional miscellaneous personal expenses.

Oversight and Supervision

The Chinese Flagship Program works closely with students and organizations build mutually beneficial professional relationships. Supervision of interns is managed by each company or agency.

Internships are expected to provide practical work experience and potential for professional development. Students are asked to evaluate their experiences at the end of their internship in order to provide important feedback on all aspects of their experience.