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6/18 JSTV Speech Competition (Finals)

After the semi-finals for the Nanjing round, Darrell Day (BYU) was the only one to proceed to the provincial-level competition finals. The finals were held
at the JSTV Broadcast Station Tower in Gulou District on 6/18 with the rehearsals running all day for June 17th.

Due to the limit in tickets available for the competition screening, Darrell only invited his two classmates Joseph Rizzo (ASU) and Jonathan Edwards (UO) to
attend and cheer him on in the finals. With over 20 participants from across the province and various universities, the candidates all gave speeches on topics
about their journey in Chinese or otherwise.

Darrell’s speech really wowed the judges however, and by the end of the competition, remained the highest-awarded participant, winning first place alongside a student from Rwanda. The article coverage can be read here:

6/23 Chinese Speech Competition (Nanjing Center)

The Nanjing Center hosted its own Speech Competition on 6/23, where students rallied to give speeches on their interests and topics that they found personally meaningful to them.

The winner of the competition of the evening, however, was Zayne Callahan (BYU) who spoke emotionally on his experience of being born into a Chinese family with a medical condition, and being told by doctors he would have no future. His speech then focused on how, as an adult, and being adopted by his parents, helped prove those doctor’s words wrong.



The College of Humanities featured the flagship program on their website. The article is entitled "May Good Fortune Spread Upon You" and details the events of the Feb. 6th Chinese New Years Celebration.

Click here to read the entire article



Dr. Samuel Elsen Visits BYU


Dr. Samuel Elsen is the director of The Language Flagship and Director of Programs at the National Security Education Program (NSEP). Before coming to NSEP, Dr. Elsen served as the Director of the Advanced Training and Research Group in International and Foreign Language Education at the U.S. Department of Education, where he provided oversight for Title VI and Fulbright Hays programming designed to develop and maintain national capacity in foreign language and international and area studies. These programs included the Title VI National Resource Centers, Language Resource Centers, Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships, and the Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad program.

Before joining the Department of Education, Dr. Eisen served at the U.S. Department of State (1999-2007) in the Office of the Coordinator of U.S. Assistance to Europe and Eurasia. At the State Department Dr. Eisen coordinated FREEDOM Support Act which funded academic and professional exchange programs with the former Soviet Union for over 5000 participants per year and managed specialized institutional development projects. Dr. Eisen also served in the Coordinator’s Office as the Democracy Programs Officer for U.S. Government assistance to Eastern Europe and Eurasia to promote civil society, independent media and rule of law in the region. At the U.S. Information Agency (1998-1999), he managed university partnership programs for Russia and Central Asia, including major development grants for the American University – Central Asia in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Before joining the federal government, Dr. Eisen taught Russian language, literature, and culture as Assistant Professor of Russian Studies at American University in Washington DC (1995-1998).


The Monterey Institute of International Studies is once again offering summer language scholarships for prospective students! The Betty and David Jones scholarship will be granted to 50 or more students for summer 2014. Students may improve their language skills or learn a new language! To qualify for summer language scholarships, candidates must also apply for a Monterey Institute degree program for Fall 2014. Deadline to apply for scholarship is February 1st, 2014. Please see our website for complete application instructions:


“Searching for Anna May Wong & Other Creative Asian-American Women” Yunah Wong— award wining Korean filmmaker 12:00 pm – 12:50 pm | B-92 JFSB (open to students & faculty) Screening of her films will be held 4 – 6:30pm in B192 (EIZ auditorium)


Good luck to our three Flagship students who are competing in the Chinese Business Case Competition hosted by the Marriott School. Tyler Vargha, Jared Halpin Dylan Parker


Wednesday, October 23rd from 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Wilkinson Student Center Ballroom.


B105 JFSB October 23, 2013 11:00-12:00

Language Flagship Video Competition – Open to All Flagship Students

Dear BYU Flagship Students, As part of an upcoming Language Flagship Student Conference in Maryland in March, 2014, we are planning to include a video contest. Two Flagship students from each program are being nominated to attend the conference. However, all BYU Flagship students are invited to participate in the video contest. These videos will showcase student creativity and will be shared at the Student Meeting. Videos should be student produced, a maximum of five minutes in length, and cover a topic relevant to your Flagship Program. This contest is open to any student or team of students in your program. Attached are complete Video Competition Guidelines to this document, and would like to ask you to participate. Video submissions are due February 3, 2014 to our BYU Flagship Office in JFSB 3067. We will then submit all videos to the national conference committee. We have a BYU Flagship videographer on site, Chad Gravalese, who can help to edit and improve your videos prior to submission. He can be reached at or at 801-422-2883. Just let us know if you need help from us. We are very exited about this and highly encourage you to participate in this video competition. See the guidelines





Dear Faculty Study Abroad Directors and International Fair Participants,

We are grateful for the efforts each of you make in providing international opportunities for students. We look forward to working with you to make 2014 a success. We invite each of you to begin preparations for the International Fair on Thursday, October 10th from 12 to 2 pm if you haven't already. The International fair will be in the Clyde Building Step Down lounge and each of you have been assigned a booth location according to the attached layout. You will each have a 6' table with a blue table covering and their will be a vertical divider behind the table for your use. In addition, we will provide a study abroad program interest form for you to collect contact information from interested students. We will also provide a 11x17 label and table easel for your booth that includes the program name and country location.


The international fair will be similar to last year for those of you that participated. Each of you will be provided a stamp where you can stamp the student's passport card/information sheet. Each student must learn about at least 2 programs before enjoying the food/refreshments that will be provided. This will also enable interested students to enter a random drawing for ten $20 BYU gift cards from the Weidman Center. The stamps will be provided by the Kennedy Center (please make sure you return the stamps at the conclusion of the international fair). We will be using a card swipe system similar to the career fair to capture student information and each student will be given a name tag that includes their name and major to help you as you interact with each of them.


We invite you to be as creative as possible as you prepare for your booth to maximize awareness and interest of students in your program. Please have your booth setup by 10:30 am A delightful bag of BYU chocolate mint truffles will be provided for each booth completed prior to 10:30 am. This incentive enable you to prepare your booth and still have time to attend the Honored Alumnus College lecture at 11 am.


We have found that utilizing students who participated in your program previously typically help increase student interest. Please make sure you have someone at your booth for the entire international fair. Please let me know if you will not be at the international fair and who you have identified as the main contact for your program booth.


Again we look forward to seeing you at the international fair. I have attached a powerpoint and .jpg flyer that you can use to encourage student attendance. We invite you to share this with faculty in your department in hopes that they will share and encourage student attendance.


If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

GREGG WARNICK, Ph.D. Director, Weidman Center for Global Leadership Associate Teaching Professor of Engineering Leadership Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology

BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY 264 Clyde Building Provo, UT 84602 (801) 422-6322 / Fax: (801) 422-0516 Cell: (801) 602-6044 E-mail: Website:


Boren Awards: Webinars


Dear Flagship Students,

Boren Scholarships provide up to $20,000 to U.S. undergraduate students to study abroad in areas of the world that are critical to U.S. interests and underrepresented in study abroad, including Africa, Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Boren Scholars represent a variety of academic backgrounds, but all are interested in studying less commonly taught languages, including but not limited to Arabic, Chinese, Hindi Urdu, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Swahili, and Turkish. Flagship students are typically a good fit with the Boren Scholarship program and are encouraged to apply for a Boren Scholarship to help fund the Capstone year. For more information about the Boren Scholarships, please see:


An upcoming webinar specifically for Flagship students will be held on Tuesday, October 22 @ 3pm EDT. You need to register in advance:

I encourage you to check out the Boren website, attend the webinar, and then come talk to us in the Flagship office!

Good Luck,


James Greenwood



Jimmy Greenwood is a Senior here at BYU from Menomonie, Wisconsin. Having lived in North Dakota, Wisconsin, Taiwan, and Utah, he began learning Chinese on his mission to Taiwan. Jimmy believes that the Flagship will help him increase his Chinese ability and understanding of the culture in order to prepare him for a career in the NSA. Through the research and professional skills obtained from this program, Jimmy plans to enhance his effectiveness as a Language Analyst and to promote relations between China and the United States.


Jimmy, his wife, Nellie, and his daughter, Clara, are currently in Nanjing, China for the Flagship Overseas Capstone. He enjoys playing football, hockey, baseball, fishing, hunting, and camping in his free time. His favorite food is the Chinese eggplant dish from Shoots and his favorite dessert is the mango ice cream from The Bombay House. His dream vacation is to tour all of Europe and Asia and eating the best foods from each area, seeing all the sights and sleeping in.


Students who completed a Summer Language Study Program


Four Flagship students earned scholarships for intensive language study summer programs. These programs offer overseas cultural experience and elevate their Chinese speaking level. These students are: · Daniel Anderson at Princeton in Beijing · Jared Halpin at Inter-University Program/ Chinese in Beijing · Brittany Strobelt at CET-Intensive Chinese Language in Harbin · Ryan Saunders at ICLP at National Taiwan University Congratulations to each student!


"The Nightingale"


Sept 27 - Oct 12th Tues-Fri: 7:00pm Sat: 11am, 2pm Margetts Theatre


“The Nightingale” is a play based on the story by Hans Christian Andersen and adapted for the stage by Timothy Mason. Directed by Julia Ashworth and Kori Wakamatsu, this tale of an emperor who neglects the lyrical song of a humble nightingale for the artificial splendor of a mechanical bird vividly depicts the majesty, grace and poetic ritual of ancient China. Performed in English and Mandarin and influenced by the traditions of Peking Opera, “The Nightingale” invites audience members to ponder the worth of the things we value most. To research the production, the cast and crew were able to travel to China to study with Peking Opera and establish sister-school relationships between schools in the United States and China. Ashworth explained why the directors decided on “The Nightingale.” “As we began to study the script together, several themes emerged, primarily the idea of true friendship,” she said. “A secular view of the story shows that the Emperor discovers the value of true friendship through the kind acts of the Nightingale. And yet, as we became more familiar with the script, we began to see the story as a Christian allegory. “Our production concept focuses on the idea of being in the world, but not of the world. The emperor is very much of the world — his palace is full of many dazzling, beautiful and delicate things. Although nothing is inherently wrong with the emperor's palace, these things lead him to forget what is truly important — his friends, family and loved ones. And through a selfless act, the Nightingale helps him remember what is truly important and provides him with a second chance,” said Ashworth. The play challenges audience members to remember what is most important in life. “As you watch 'The Nightingale,' we hope that you observe the details and enjoy the visual spectacle. Beyond the set, costumes, acting and dancing, we hope you are as struck as we have been with the simplicity of the message — that love and kindness transcend the ‘glitter’ of this world,” said Ashworth. The cast includes Cosette Hatch as the Narrator and Nicole Dugdale as the Nightingale/Young Man’s Wife, with Jennifer Bozeman as I-Ming/Witch, Clayton Cranford as Young Man/Glorious General, Scott Savage as High Lord Chamberlain, Jordan Nicholes as Emperor, Noah Kershisnik as Death/Emperor of Japan, Esmeralda Vera as Woo ling/Chinese Narrator and Allie Limas as Principal Dancer/Lady of the Court. The design and technical crew includes Alecia Holmes, production stage manager; Brent Robison, scenic designer; Donnette Perkins, costume designer; Seth Mergist, lighting designer; Michelle Ohumukini, sound designer; Jennifer Reed, production manager; and Lola Danielson, dramaturg.




Deadline: Check the website for scholarship availability and deadlines.
Freeman-ASIA (Freeman Awards for Study in Asia) is designed to support American undergraduates with demonstrated financial need who are planning to study overseas in East or Southeast Asia. The program’s goal is to increase the number of Americans with first-hand exposure to and understanding of Asia and its peoples and cultures. A Freeman-ASIA Award provides need-based funding to assist the recipient with the cost of the study abroad program and related expenses, including airfare, basic living costs, local transportation, books, etc. This and more information can be found at:


Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship


Deadline: March 4, 2014 (for Fall 2014)
The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program offers grants for U.S. citizen undergraduate students of limited financial means to pursue academic studies abroad. Such international study is intended to better prepare U.S. students to assume significant roles in an increasingly global economy and interdependent world. Award recipients are chosen by a competitive selection process and must use the award to defray eligible study abroad costs. This and more information can be found at:


Fall Moon Festival Video




Step by Step, Level A, was recognized at the 56th New England Book Show



Cheng & Tsui is proud to announce that two of its publications, All-in-One Chinese Funand Step by Step, Level A, were recognized as “Best in Category”at the 56th New England Book Show in May. Organized by Bookbuilders of Boston, the New England Book Show is an annual juried event that recognizes the year’s most outstanding works by New England publishers in various categories. All-in-One Chinese Fun by Hazel Young Hasegawa, was selected as Best in Category for El-Hi. Step by Step, Level A by the Brigham Young University Chinese Flagship Center, won in the Multimedia category.


Change in Flagship Director



After ten years of serving as Director of the BYU Chinese Flagship Center, Dr. Dana Bourgerie is stepping down at the end of August in order to dedicate more time to his research and development projects, as well as department duties. Dr. Bourgerie was involved in the Flagship program from its inception in 2002 when BYU was awarded one of the first federally funded Chinese Flagship programs. Flagship Programs were funded by the National Security Education Program to help increase the country’s capacity in critical needs languages. Dr. Matthew Christensen, a professor of Chinese, who has served as Chinese Flagship Academic Director since 2002, will assume the role of Center Director effective September 1, 2013. We wish Dr. Bourgerie the very best in all his future academic endeavors and thank him for all his accomplishments and for all he has done for the Flagship students and program.


100,000 Strong Foundation


As the 100,000 Strong Foundation continue their efforts to expand and diversify the number of Americans studying Mandarin and studying abroad in China, they are very pleased to offer you a sneak peak at the new 100,000 Strong Foundation promotional video, which they are unveiling today online. The video tells the story of the 100,000 Strong Foundation: who they are, what they are trying to accomplish and why their work is so vital to the future of US-China relations.


Carola McGiffert, President of the Foundation said: "This video was a labor of love and the result of a lot of hard work, from a lot of people. I want to extend my deepest gratitude to the 100,000 Strong Foundation Board and Advisory Council for taking the time to contribute to this important project, as well as the inspiring students who so eloquently spoke to their study abroad experiences. As I view the final product, I am humbled and encouraged by the kind words and steadfast support of so many". Also, US Ambassador to China Governor Jon Huntsman said: “The 100,000 Strong Foundation is the most important vehicle for ensuring a more stable US-China relationship that exists today.”




2013 Spring Intern: Erick Garcia


Erick Garcia, a senior from BYU in the Nanjing Chinese Flagship Program, was recently profiled for his accomplishments in completing the longest and most productive AllSet Learning internship to date! Erick helped standardize and upgrade the ever-growing Chinese Grammar Wiki, and was also able to use his excellent Chinese skills to start work on the forthcoming Advanced (C1) grammar points for this online open source for Mandarin language learning.

The company’s website news goes on to say, “Besides the Chinese Grammar Wiki, Erick helped with iOS app testing (both the Pinyin and the Picture Book Reader apps), and was even able to help lead our efforts to localize the Pinyin app in multiple languages. Erick also reviewed new iPad apps and other potential study materials, took demo classes to provide feedback on new teachers, and helped develop some of AllSet Learning’s new products. He was an important part of the team over the past four months.”

Rising Through the Ranks

Shayn Stephens is the first STARTALK student in the nation to, quite literally, come up through the ranks. She began her Chinese language learning in high school and accelerated her skills by attending Chinese STARTALK, a 3-week language program for high school students sponsored by BYU Chinese Flagship Center. Once attending BYU, she continued on this path by going on BYU Study Abroad in Nanjing and then joining the Chinese Flagship program. Now, she is being rewarded for her efforts as she joins fellow capstone students for a year of study and internship in mainland China starting this fall. Congratulations Shayn on building your language and culture skills in pursuit of your goal to work in International Development with China.

Boren Awards 2013


We are pleased to announce that four BYU students were chosen to receive, or as alternates to receive, 2013-14 National Security Education Program (NSEP) Boren Scholarships. Two of the four students selected are BYU Chinese Flagship students set to go to Nanjing this Fall. The prestigious Boren Scholarship provides up to $20,000 for U.S. undergraduate students to study less commonly taught languages in world regions critical to U.S. interests, and underrepresented in study abroad, including Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin America, and the Middle East. We would like to express our congratulations to these students.

  • Alex Williams, Year, Tajikistan, Persian, Recipient
  • Mengxi Seeley, Year, China (P.R.C.), Mandarin, Recipient
  • Benjamin Jones, Year, China (P.R.C.), Mandarin, Alternate
  • Aaron Haines, Year, Turkey, Turkish, Alternate


We want to congratulate all of our fantastic Flagship students who have earned scholarships in the past several months. Four of our Advanced Flagship students who are heading to Nanjing this fall for their capstone year have received the following prestigious awards:

  • Eric Hansen – Gillman Scholarship
  • Paul Niedfeldt – Gillman Scholarship
  • Robert Cusick – Beecroft Scholarship
  • Margaret Seeley – Boren Scholarship

Four other students earned scholarships for intensive language study summer programs. These programs offer overseas cultural experience and elevate their Chinese speaking level. Those students are:

  • Daniel Anderson attending Princeton in Beijing
  • Jared Halpin attending Inter-University Program for Chinese in Beijing
  • Brittany Strobelt attending CET-Intensive Chinese Language in Harbin
  • Ryan Saunders attending International Chinese Language Study Program at National Taiwan University

Congratulations to each student and good luck in your travels! 一路顺风!


Nanjing University, one of the top-ranking universities in the People’s Republic of China, offers a wide range of study disciplines on both undergraduate and graduate levels. To facilitate its worldwide recognition, and to attract intelligent and motivated students, the University offers the following scholarships:

1. Chinese Government scholarship

2.Confucius Institute scholarship

3. Jiangsu Province Jasmine scholarship

4. Nanjing University President’s scholarship

5. Nanjing University-China Unicom scholarship

Read more…

For further information concerning application procedure, please contact:

Mr. Jiang Cheng

Scholarship Coordinator
Institute for international students Nanjing University,
22 Hankou rd Nanjing, P.R.C. 210093
Tel: +86-25-83593616 Fax:+86-25-83316747

Chinese Delegation

On Monday, April 8, 2013 a delegation from Nanjing University including Chancellor Hong Yinxing visited BYU. The BYU Chinese Flagship Center was instrumental in coordinating the visit. The delegation was hosted to breakfast by the Dean of the College of Humanities, Dr. John Rosenberg and also met with President Samuelson to discuss various BYU collaborations with Nanjing University. Chancellor Hong Yinxing a professor in the business school gave a lecture on Chinese Economics to a group of BYU students. This was a unique opportunity to hear from one of the top 10 economists with substantial influence on China's sixty-year economic development. During his visit Chancellor Hong Yinxing also signed an MOU with the Marriott School of Business to facilitate future partnerships that will further the relationship between the two universities. The BYU Chinese Flagship Center has oversight of the Nanjing Flagship Center operation in Nanjing and sends from ten to fifteen students there each year.

Jerry Yu Jerry Yu

Nanjing Director Zhang Qin comes to BYU

This past week director Zhang Qin has been at BYU meeting with students, faculty, and staff. She has been observing Chinese Flagship tutoring as well as class instruction in order to take the best practices back to the Nanjing Center. Zhang Qin enjoys working with the Flagship students more than anything else in the program. She appreciates the enthusiasm and strong work ethic that the students uphold. She also believes that Nanjing is the best place to hold this program because it is considered the education capital of China and has a strong historical and cultural background. According to Zhang Qin, this program is built to provide the best opportunities for Chinese learners, however, the students are the ones who decide how much they truly get out of it.