The purpose of the Chinese Flagship Program is to prepare participants to function professionally in Chinese within their chosen field of interest and to prepare them for China-related careers. Students are expected to attain a high level of general proficiency in Mandarin Chinese (3/3+ on the government ILR scale or Superior on the ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) scale as well as functional knowledge of the special language and culture of their chosen profession. (See correspondence of language proficiency scales)

The Flagship Program works in tandem with the Chinese Section of the Department of Asian and Near Eastern Languages to help students reach proficiency tailored to their educational and professional goals. The program provides a range of resources to applicants toward achieving their goals, including:

  • Individualized and directed study with Flagship faculty members
  • Native Peer Tutors
  • Access to a body of specialty language materials tailored to goals of the learner
  • Special courseware and other computer-based tools
  • Coordinated overseas experience including course audits in students’ specialty field and related internships