To participate in the language fair there is a $3 fee per student* for all submissions whose payments are postmarked by April 7th. The fee per student after April 7th is $4.*Registration for competitions must be completed online starting March 1st - March 30th on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please make checks payable to Chinese Flagship Center and mail to:

BYU Chinese Flagship Center
3122 JKB, BYU
Provo, UT 84602

*Fees are not refundable after April 7th, 2018

Non-Competitive Activities

  • Chinese Games (yo-yo's, hacky sacks, Chinese chess, Chinese ropes, etc.)
  • Tai Chi (TBD)
  • Lion Dance (TBD)
  • Great Wall photos
  • Chinese Calligraphy
  • China Map Game
  • Food Booth (RSVP student count by March 30th)
  • Chinese Jail

Number of Participants

Due to increasing numbers we ask that schools only bring motivated students to the language fair. We have limited each school to register a total of 15 students. Almost all competitions have a limited number of entries. These limitations are listed in the competition's category.

Because our numbers are growing, not everyone will be able to compete. Schools should have mini competitions to determine who to send to the fair.


Event Scheduling

Teacher can schedule students online by going to the competitions registration page.

Students who are performing are required to arrive 5 minutes prior to performance time. If they do not arrive at the appointed time, then, time permitting, they may perform at the end of the scheduled competition. If there is no time remaining, then they forfeit their chance to participate in the performance portion of our competition.


Students are judged against a standard and not each other. Judges’/Proctors’ decisions are final. Judges will use rubrics and rating scales to score participants, and these are available under each competition.

Time Limits

Time limits will be strictly observed. Those that go longer may be cut off.



Students who do not follow event rules will be disqualified and may receive disciplinary action.



Participants will receive a certificate in accordance to the scores received in their competition/
presentation portion. All students who receive a superior rating will be recognized in the final awards ceremony.


*Fees are not refundable after April 7th, 2018.


>> General Registration

Register your school and specify how many students are in your program and how many will attend the Chinese Language Fair. Please complete registration by March 30th and payment must be received by April 7th.