Open Events

Activity Stations

All activity stations will be staffed by Mandarin speakers. Students should only speak Chinese when they participate.

  1. Chinese Games: Yo-yo's, hacky sacks, Chinese chess, Chinese ropes, etc.
  2. Tai Chi: TBD
  3. Lion Dance: TBD
  4. Great Wall photos Instructions will be provided.
  5. Chinese Calligraphy: Students will learn how to do calligraphy.
  6. China Map Game: Students will learn the various provinces in China.
  7. Food Booth: RSVP student count by March 30th.
  8. Chinese Jail Instructions will be provided.

>> General Registration

Register your school and specify how many students are in your program and how many will attend the Chinese Language Fair. Please complete registration by March 30th and payment must be received by April 7th.