Pathway Options

Early Flagship Pathway

The Flagship Program offers an Early Pathway for those students at the 200 Chinese course level. The Early Flagship consists of a two-credit course taught weekly during fall semester that helps develops proficiency through reading and everyday conversation. Students will also receive regular and early Flagship advising, involvement in Flagship activities and possible funding for summer Flagship-approved programs that boost students’ language skills. The Early Pathway will provide exposure to Flagship at an earlier stage of a student’s academic progress and will also give Flagship staff more opportunities for advising with sufficient time to fit Flagship into their academic plan and future studies.

Prerequisites for Early Pathway:

Chinese 202 - Intermediate Mandarin (completed and preferably taken at BYU)

University major declared

Minimum of 6 major-related credits completed

Pre-Advanced Flagship Pathway

Students who are not accepted to the Advanced Flagship Pathway, are placed in a Pre-Advanced Flagship Pathway and take a 2-credit course, receive tutoring, academic advising, and attend other Flagship activities. The Pre-Advanced course will deepen knowledge of Chinese culture and Chinese linguistics through tutoring and prepare students for the Advanced Pathway. This allows for continued training of those who are not quite ready for the rigors of the advanced Flagship level, but still want to pursue the Flagship program.

Prerequisites for Pre-Advanced Flagship Pathway:

Chinese 301 - Advanced Mandarin (previously taken or concurrent enrollment)

Advanced Flagship Pathway

The Advanced Pathway is designed for students with advanced Chinese language skills. It includes one year of domestic training at BYU. The majority of applicants who enter this pathway go on to participate in the overseas capstone experience.

Prerequisites for Advanced Pathway:

Chinese 302 - Third-Year Mandarin (previously taken or concurrent enrollment)

Who Should Apply?

The Chinese Flagship Program is ideally suited to those seeking careers related to China and the Chinese-speaking world, either in government service or in the private sector. If your goal is to work in a Chinese professional environment and to learn how to engage your Chinese peers in a culturally appropriate way, then this program will serve you well. The program seeks to provide high-level Chinese language and cultural skills along with special content related to your chosen field of interest. It is a demanding and intense experience meant for students to clearly focus on their goals.

Candidates should have strong general proficiency in Mandarin and in written Chinese along with a strong overall scholastic record. Prospective students should also have a well-articulated professional goal involving China. Successful candidates for the senior program typically will have completed most of an undergraduate major in their field of interest along with substantial Chinese language studies (double majors are especially suited to the program).

Qualifications include:

  1. Strong overall academic record with minimum 3.3 GPA.
  2. Students with double majors (Chinese and a second area of focus) are ideally suited for the program, however, all qualified applicants will be considered regardless of major.
  3. A clearly stated international career path objective.
  4. Proven Mandarin Chinese language proficiency in speaking, reading and writing. BYU will make the necessary testing arrangements to accommodate each qualified applicant. Minimum acceptable level is the Advanced range on the ACTFL scale and Listening 2/Reading 2 on the ILR scale.

Required Curriculum:

Flagship Core Classes (6 credit hours taken each semester):

Chinese 311R (2 credit hours) Flagship only - Advanced conversation (with emphasis on sophistication of speech)

Chinese 490R (4 credit hours) Flagship only - Individual study in Chinese (assignments to fit the individual needs of the student)

Other Coursework (9 hours):

Chinese 321 or 322 - Selected Reading of Modern Chinese

Chinese 441 - Classical and Literary Chinese

Chinese 443 - Modern Chinese Lit or 444 - Contemporary Chinese Literature

Suggested Electives (optional):

Chinese 343 - Chinese Literature in Translation-Poetry

Chinese 344 - Chinese Literature in Translation-Prose

Chinese 345R - Chinese Culture

Chinese 346 - Introduction to Chinese Philosophy

Chinese 347 - Business Chinese


Students accepted into the Chinese Flagship Program will be eligible for some support through the Chinese Flagship Center. Students are strongly encouraged to seek outside funding sources through private donors or scholarships to support their domestic and/or overseas component of the program.More