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Issue 02


Upcoming Events

BYU Chamber Orchestra to be joined by Chinese artist Yangzte Melody
Thursday, Dec 9, 2010
7:30pm in the de Jong Concert Hall. Tickets: $6-$10 at

490R Final Presentations:
Part I: Thursday, Dec. 9, 2010, 7-10pm, B132 JFSB.
Part II: Friday, Dec 17, 2010,11am-2pm in B132 JFSB.

311R Final Debate
Wednesday, December 15, 2010 2:30-5:30pm in 3024 JKB.

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Upcoming Deadlines

Upcoming Deadlines

Overseas PrepCourse:
ISP App by Jan 31, 2011.

Overseas Prep
Course Registration

All China-bound Flagship students are required to take a 1 credit hour cultural prep course during the 2nd block of the Winter semester (the course meets on Wednesdays from 4-6pm). While your participation to the overseas capstone component in China is contingent upon your successful completion of your domestic Flagship courses at BYU, we request that all 2 year students complete an ISP application and register for the course at this time.
Please note that if you have accompanying spouse then he or she will also be required to participate in this course. Therefore, all students, (spouse included) must first complete an ISP application and must be done online by January 31, 2011. As soon as your application is completed, you will be eligible to register for the 1 credit hour course. The following are instructions on completing the ISP application:

  1. Go to
  2. Read the form and select continue
  3. Sign in with RouteY ID
  4. Select "Fall 2011" "Internship" "China Flagship Internship Fall-Winter" from the pull-down menus
  5. In the Letter of Intent area say something about being in the flagship program (Have your spouse mentioned that they are part of the Flagship program)
  6. The application must be complete – all items filled in. If you have any questions, please contact our ISP facilitator Jimmy at

There is also an application fee/applicant that students need to be pay but the Flagship Center will include this amount to reimburse students when we discuss your overseas budget next semester.


Internship opportunity with the State Department. All of the work is done virtually, and there are a goodx number of interesting China positions. The following are some links to find out more information about this opportunity.

Job Description:

eIntern Positions:

BYU Marriot School Case Competition Results

Congratulations to two of our Flagship students, Jonathan Carroll and Matthew Eley and their third teammate, Benjamin Van Noy, for winning first place in the BYU Business Language Case Competition, and Spencer Christensen, one of our three-year Flagship students who won third place.

The BYU Business Language Case Competition has different components to it, but mainly consists of each team coming up with a solution to an international business case. They have two weeks to come up with a solution, and then along with the other teams, they present their solution to a panel of judges. This opportunity provides business students with the opportunity to showcase their theoretical business knowledge and foreign language skills, while sharpening their presentation skills to real-life global business situations.

Twenty-two teams from sixteen universities attended and out of them, the BYU Chinese team won first place and BYU Portuguese took third. Congratulations to our Flagship Students as well as to all the other language students of BYU!

To learn more about the Case Competition results, visit:

BYU Chamber Orchestra joined by Yangzte Melody

Yangzte Melody is a group of top Chinese artists and will be joining the BYU Chamber Orchestra this Thursday, December 9, 2010 at 7:30pm in the de Jong Concert Hall. Tickets can be purchased online at and the prices range from $6-$10.

In addition to Yangzte Melody, three "Outstanding Artists" from the People's Republic of China will be featured including; soprano Wang Li, tenor Liming Chi, and violinist Liang Chai.

For more information, visit the full article:

Dr. Dana Bourgerie Quoted in Kennedy Center newsletter

Dr. Dana Bourgerie was quoted in the Kennedy Centers monthly newsletter on the topic of Writing Winning Essays: Improving BYU Student Applications for International and Area Studies Scholarships

At this seminar, in a mixed presentation format, faculty and administrators gave their firsthand experience into the importance of taking the time to write and rewrite, how to avoid “snowshoeing” through more careful organization, and what not to do. Students learned how to stand out and approaches for conceptualizing your essay, writing strategies, tips, and examples. Dana Bourgerie, director of BYU’s Chinese Flagship program noted that a top scholar from another university ultimately chose not to award a scholarship to a BYU student even though he said “she was qualified in every other way.”  The reason?  “A poorly written essay.” 

So take note students, your essays do matter, so make sure they're prestigious.

Flagship Students in Documentary Video

Flagship students across the country, from ASU, BYU, UM, and UO were included in a documentary in January 2010. The video is based off of the "Spring 2010 Pre-Internship Workshop in Qingdao. To view a compressed version of the video, visit the Flagship Facebook Page and/or our YouTube page to view that video as well as other Flagship videos. Part II of the video is forthcoming, but the release date is yet TBD.