The Chinese Flagship Program at Brigham Young University (BYU) was established in 2002 by a grant from the National Security Education Program (NSEP). In 2012 NSEP merged with the Defense Language Office (DLO) to become the Defense Language National Security Education Office(DLNSEO). NSEP is still maintained as its own entity within DLNSEO. The mission of the Chinese Flagship Program is to develop high level proficiency in the Chinese Language in students.

The Chinese Flagship Center at BYU is highly individualized and allows students to successfully focus on the particular academic and professional interests.

The Advanced Flagship Program includes three main curriculum phases: 1) BYU on-campus directed study, 2) direct enrollment at either Nanjing University or Beijing Union University in China, and 3) an internship in a Chinese institution related to the student's specific area of interest. Our first group of students began the program in 2003. The success of our earlier cohorts in implementing the linguistic and cultural skills they learned throughout their course of study is receiving special recognition throughout the government, the community, BYU, and our Chinese partners.

Dr. Matthew Christensen, Professor of Chinese in the BYU Asian and Near Eastern Languages Department , is the PI & Flagship Center Director. The program is affiliated with BYU's Center for Language Studies (CLS) in the College of Humanities, headed by Dr. Ray Clifford, also an Associate Dean in the College of Humanities.